Build is an all-encompassing set of cloud-based design tools that empower anyone to build enterprise apps that are intuitive to navigate and delightful to use.

It enables business experts to create quick prototypes, validate them with users, and research user needs, while learning about the design process as they create their applications.

Why It Matters:

In the enterprise world, most applications are difficult to use. Why is this? Well, the business experts or IT specialists (who are busy providing solutions) often end up creating the user interfaces of these applications themselves. While they're experts in their field of business, they're still new to the design process. It's difficult for them to understand the needs of users, and they may not have the right tools or expertise to verify what users want.

Our goal is to empower business experts and provide them with tools where they can easily learn and build business apps that help them do their jobs more efficiently.


UX/visual designer—worked on user interfaces, collaborated on the rebrand, created a marketing video, conducted a research session, and maintained the UI kit.



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Prototyping Tool
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