Contours of the Criminal Mind


Design a museum exhibition that demonstrates a significant social change and provides a complete experience that will move visitors physically, intellectually, and emotionally.


Contours of a Criminal Mind is an exhibition that strives to comprehend how some individuals are pushed towards crime. Throughout the exhibition, visitors will enter different rooms and participate in a variety of interactive activities that will stimulate the act of discovering evidence for cases. By the end of the exhibition, visitors are equipped with the psychology, reasoning, and technology behind each criminal and their crimes. Visitors will learn that it is important to assess situations in a different light to achieve an understanding of daily interactions with people in society and in their daily lives.


Development of floor plan, exhibition identity, wayfinding and signage, iconography, 1:24 scale model, photo renderings, mobile applications, website, and process book.


Long Cheng, Jessica Suen, Diana Thai