SAP d.studio Website


SAP is a very large enterprise software company that offers lots of different technology solutions from their cloud platform, data management, security, all the way to user experience design solutions. But you can also say that SAP is "the biggest company that you've never heard of."

Our team, SAP d.studio (formerly known as AppHaus), is one of many design teams under the umbrella of user experience design at SAP. Even though we work at a very large enterprise company, we function like a start-up by working in an agile environment running fast, iterative design sprints.

Why It Matters:

We had accomplished many things and worked on a variety of projects, but we had no place to showcase our work. So we decided to work on a website. We started with wireframes, explored visuals, and then coded the website all by ourselves in hopes to get our team brand out there.


Create a portfolio website for the team and maintain it so that's it's always up-to-date.