In-Product Illustrations


Illustrations can be used for story-telling. It can convey a narrative, activate emotions, and inspire action/engagement. We started implementing illustrations in our landing pages, welcome banners, and when introducing new features in our products. We also use smaller spot illustrations to enhance description and add delight on confirmation dialogs, step-by-step instructions, or with warnings/error messages.


When illustrations are used with purpose, they can be a powerful visual complement to UI language. These are some do's and don'ts that we stand by:
    • Use when onboarding people to new features.
    • Use to encourage people, particularly if something's gone wrong.
    • Use to enhance a feeling of accomplishment at key moments.
    • Don't use without a clear purpose.
    • Don't use to impart judgment or assume we know exactly how someone is feeling.
    • Don't overuse illustrations to celebrate accomplishments—it loses its power.


Each illustration should consider the work being done and the person's sentiment while doing it.

    1. Be relevant: The use of illustration in the product aligns with the goals of the product experience.
    2. Add clarity: Illustrations provide value and meaning. They help products feel intuitive to use.
    3. Build cohesion: Illustrations exist harmoniously with other visual components in close proximity.


Create delightful illustrations for internal products.